Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sale Day

Well, today was so hot - we did have some shoppers, but I think the heat and other activities kept most of them away. I would have rather been in a pool someplace too. I am posting some items for sale and a picture of my grandma-Ella Mae and her sister- Aunt Ann- two of my favorite people. They have been here every sale this year and I love their company. They made the day fun and bearable considering the hot weather. I love to hear their stories - they just make you laugh. It was decided the reason that I'm in this junk business is due to my Aunt Ann. She loves to collect, decorate, and just have fun with junk. She always wears fun jewerly and lots of rings. My grandma was sporting her T-shirt I had made for her when I started this business. It say- I'm Ella Mae- and she loves to let people know. She always meant a lot to me and when I was younger- she was always helping me scheme up fun outfits and letting me play in her shoes and clothes. Hope you can stop by next sale and meet them- July 25th.

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