Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween-Get Your costume On!

Is it animal cruelty to dress up your pets? I think two of my three cats (I would never be able to catch the other one!) think so. My white Kitty wasn't too happy-she really should be dressed in a devil costume or a diva costume at least! She's probably 18 years old and I subjected her to this. She wouldn't sit still long enough for me to fix her wings. Big Timmy (one of my black and white cats) thought he was coming in to get fed and he was holding on for dear life-I did get the clown costume on him-but he didn't know what to think about it! Oh well, I still will have some fun pictures to show of my furry kids. Didn't want the cats to miss out since I posted the dogs in their costumes on The Shabby Pink Blog!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Spider Web Ornament

I bought this ornament at the store I work at after Christmas a few years ago for a steal. I had forgot about it until I saw a similiar one on another person's blog. It's never been taken out of the box-no sure what I'll do with it, but it's pretty cool!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Old Scary Doll

I've been looking at this doll at a local antique mall for several months-but I just didn't buy her. Her body is a newer cloth one and her hair looks like an old lady wig, but something kept me looking at her each time I went in there-it was those weird eyes. Then I got a comment from another blogger Kim at Tabby's Place( about how much we were alike and to visit her blog. When I went over-she had the same background and header as me. I used this background last year and fell in love with it and almost wanted to leave it up all year(again-I know I'm crazy!) and couldn't wait to put it up again. When I looked at her post -she had the most wonderful doll(that I would love to buy!) and it was just creepy. Then I remembered this one with the similiar glass eyes. So I went back to Antique Store again to purchase her and she was gone-you all know that feeling. Luckily the dealer was working and I asked her. She was having a big garage sale this weekend and had taken the doll home because her head had fallen off(I wanted her even more then!) So she let me stop by tonite before the sale(I got several other goodies I will post later!) and the doll for half the price she had originally had on her-I got her for $10. She needs a new(old) dress and her arms and head re-attached-but do you think she looks spooky? Thanks Kim for the inspiration-Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Book

We have a flea market at the mall a few times a year and one of the booths had this little gem of a book(I like to collect books with great covers) for only $2.00. I love the pictures inside!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Jewelry

I love looking for halloween jewelry and usually find some cool stuff at the Halloween stores. I've got several spider rings, necklaces, and pins( I love putting these on my back-people get a kick out of that-saying to other people-look-she has a spider on her back!). I've also got a coffin ring(in the middle-top!) that I used to have a little bitty picture of myself that I kept in it-it got lost and I need to make another one!). I did find two eyeball bracelets (to go with my new eyeball ring!) and still need to figure out an outfit to go with those. I love putting together outfits and wear only black, white, orange and red the entire month of October(I know I'm weird-but I do a different theme each month). Monday I looked like a blonde Elvira with my dress and all my spider jewerly!
Omi S from Bender Oaks sent this to me with my evil eyeball ring-I love it -wore it today with all my skull rings and skull knee-socks-the rest was a school girl type outfit-and kinda goth. I love to do the unusual this time of year-not sure what my co-workers think-but I really don't care anyway-we only live once!
What do you do that is different and fun for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Skull Wall Sconce

I picked this sconce up at a garage sale for only $1.00(yes, only $1.00) a couple of weeks ago. I think it is super cool-haven't done anything with it yet(it really doesn't fit into my inside decor(unless of course-I decide to turn my house into a haunted house!).

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dead Donna and Scary Door Greeter

I bought this animated girl a few years ago at Rural King for around $75-and I've never regretted it. She's got on that old-fashioned nightgown and those scary eyes and her hands and feet even look real. Then a couple of years later I came across this bald, scary guy at Big Lots and waited until after Halloween and got the floor model for only $25. They're both super cool-don't you think?

Sorry these are sideways-my first attempt and they took all nite to upload-maybe my bf Tete can help me on this one!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Vintage Evil Eye Ring

I've always wanted one of these and a few days ago when I was blog hopping-I spied one on Omi S.'s Blog. I didn't know it was going to be for sale-I just commented on how I really liked it and could never find one. She left me a comment back-letting me know she would be listing it that nite. Even though she says they can be found at Halloween store(I try and hit them all every year!), I love the look of this vintage one. So my best friend Tete ordered it for me as soon as she got it listed and it's on it's way! Can't wait to wear it for Halloween~! I used her picture since I don't have it yet-check out her etsy shop-she's got lots of fun stuff!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Foam Pumpkin Head

I bought this foam pumpkin head at the Salvation Army the other day for only $.50. I haven't ever seen anything like it -I love the details and the expression on his face.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Vintage Halloween Costumes

My best friend Tete and I decided last year to exchange Halloween Bags(and it's been so much fun we may be doing it for other holidays too!) and this is what I got-3 sets of Vintage Halloween costumes. They are for an adult and I think they are quite old-Halloween used to be celebrated only by adults years ago. I always like to set the scene so I decided to display each one on an old manequin and put some fun props around them! This one is a clown costume and it's the most fragile, but in great condition. This one is the ring leader(it needs to be ironed-but I didn't have time) and has some wonderful details to it.

This one is a gypsy costume and has some very intricate embellishments. I love them all and couldn't pick any one as a favorite-as always my best friend knows how to make me get excited and happy! Thanks Tete!
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Haunted House?

One of the first times I went into our home after my husband and I met, my husband told me a story about a girl he dated saying she saw a lady in our dining room. It didn't scare me at all-I put a manequin in there for a while -thought it was fun. I've never seen anything or should I say, anyone(ghosts) in our house (in 17 years). I do kinda get creeped out sometimes when I have to go thru the parlor(it's right off our bedroom) in the middle of the nite because in the old days they would lay the dead out in there because there were no funeral homes!
I bought this old buggy at a garage sale a week and half ago for $20-knew right away that it would be great for a halloween decoration.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Owl Collection

This year I've been getting into owla-and they're coming back. I think they were popular in the 70's. These are most of my collection, but I did pick another one up today that's not pictured. My favorite ones are the ones that are lantern because I can use them at halloween. I also like the paper mache ones on the top of both sides because they're really old-what's your favorite halloween collection?

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween on the Prairie

I've wanted an old fashioned hearse for a few years now. With the help of family and friends last year we were able to build a lifesize one and then a neighbor made me this horse out of chicken wire and his wife covered him up(Blackie). If you look inside there is a lady who wants out but the driver with his red lit up eyes keep driving on! There's a man in a coffin up against a tree(just like they used to in the old west). A few tombstones(one is real!) and then there's me-I'm dressed up in my mourning attire. My best friend, Tete added the huge moon(isn't it cool!) because we don't have any moons out this week! This is how I do Halloween in the country-stay tuned for more pictures of the house!
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Bird Cage

I've had this birdcage for a long time-tried to sell it at the barn. Was at a garage sale and bought this earn for $5.00 and decided last year to pair the two and add these little $1.00(Dollar Tree)crows. I still may paint the cage black-it will show up better against the white house! More white halloween to come!
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabulous Finds

A couple of weeks ago while camping I stopped into a little junk/antique/resale store and these are the goodies I found. This time of year I look for chippy black things for Halloween and the table will be perfect. I collect(I know something else I collect) these old children's books and picked these up for $1.50 each. The little green clock was only $2.00 and the claw was $5 and I hope will fit the missing leg to my piano stool-I'm off again for more -Happy Hunting!
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