Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My little Winnebago

I went to the town garage sale last Saturday and got lots of goodies and on my way out of town I remembered seeing this camper when I first got into town. During the crazy hunt for other treasures-I had forgot about it. I decided to go back by. The owner's daughter was taking down sale signs and I asked her if it was already sold. She said yes- they gave it away(can you believe that!) I was sooooooooooooo disappointed. I went to my best friend Tete's house to mope. Then I thought-I'll just go see if I can buy it off of whoever bought it. Well, luck must be with me because I was able to buy it off of him. I have yet to get it home. It needs a lot of work and two new tires to just move it. I'm not sure what year it is (I haven't got the title from the owner yet). The inside will have to be entirely gutted. But I have great plans for it!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know-I already have a pink camper(it's posted on the It's a Shabby Pink World blog) and I've over decorated it-so I'm super excited about this new project!

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Poison Label Bottles

I got these bottles at the garage sales on Saturday for $.25 each. I've got a lot of bottles but thought these would be perfect for putting some old poison labels on! My favorite is the round bottle laying down with the eyeball on it! Anyone else ready for Halloween?
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Green & Yellow Table with Blue Vase

Here what I decided to do with my little garage sale find of $5.00-another circus prop-when will I stop? Anyway, it was fun painting it and you can spin the top and it looks really neat!
Have a Wonderful Monday!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday's Garage Sale Finds

Great Day at the town sales-two metal chairs(only $2 each-can you believe that!), old pin ball machine(only $7.00-great for my circus theme), creme colored screen(not sure what I'll do with that yet), old stove top(love the green color!$20), lots of old bottles(I've got plans for these for Halloween!), old blue crock(for my kitchen-it's blue$5), double decker doll bed(would love to get my cats to sleep in there $3), old vintage mirror($5), ball fringe(love that-$.50 each!). I'd say I scored big-I still have to pick up an old dresser and I got the best find ever-but you'll have to come back on White Wednesday to see it!
The weather was beautiful-hope you had a great day!
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Finds

Not a lot-just some fun stuff-I bought the letters at the Salvation Army today- MLEEVS-any ideas why I can spell with that? Need a O for love, a couple more A's and L for Ella Maes.
I bought the round table for $5.00 and plan to paint it a fun color-yellow maybe?

The other table will be great to sit a pumpkin on-and place it on the porch.
I love the little light with the star-great decoration for the 4th!
I don't see the pink/black/white dishes very often.

The tray will be a fun project for the winter!
And the little owl bell for halloween!

Another fun day tomorrow at the Oakland Town Garage Sales!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cardboard Coffin Box

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I get these coffin shaped boxes from work and this is what I did with one of them. I still have a little work to do on this-but I think it would look pretty cool next to the front door this year!First I painted it black-like a coffin!

These are boxes I get from work that suits come shipped in. The receiving associates always ask me if I want them-I've got 5 so far!

Here's the box when it's opened-I haven't decided what to put inside-originally I thought I'd use them for storage-but a paper skeleton would be great!

I guess I'm getting excited about Halloween already!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Metal Grate Collection

This one is my favorite-see the aqua paint coming thru and all the pretty scrolls! This is my latest acquistion-I think it looks like mission style?

I love the gothic arches on this one! This is a little more plain!

I'm not sure what style or time period this one if from-I have two of these though.

Well, I don't know why I collect these-I guess I just love the details!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday

I thought I'd post a couple of things that I have for sale at the barn-a yellow vintage children's stove and some blue floral dishes!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Free Farm Table from the Mad Gasser's Home

A week ago Sunday I was working at the mall and they were having an antique show. I was telling some fellow workers about a table that I had just missed buying at an antique mall and how disappointed I was. A lady who always sets up at the mall told me about a house in town that was being torn down and that there was a green table and chairs behind it. She didn't know if it was free or what. After she told me what house it was, I was a little surprised.
I've driven by this house for years and wondered about it. It was a tract house from 1920's that had been boarded up and painted entirely grey. I decided to drive by after work to check out the table and chairs and saw a man out mowing his lawn. I was really sad about the house because I can't stand for old houses to be torn down. As I was looking at what was left of the house(I finally got to see the layout), the man(Doug) came over. He lived next door and owned the house. Apparently, the city had been on him to tear it down(although they're are people living in houses far worse than this one!). He finally felt the pressure and had to do it. As we talked, he share the history of the house which was quite interesting.
The Lluwellyns had built the house and had owned a grocery store on the corner along with a canning factory behind. They were quite intellegent people. Their son, Farley, became accused of being the Mad Gasser and was later sent to insane asylum .He was the only suspect ever investigated in the attacks. He was a student of chemistry, "Farley, the obvious chemical genius behind the gas's synthesis, was the real gasser. In a fit brought on by mental instability and years of pent-up rage against a town that would not and could not accept him, Farley tinkered and toyed with various organic solvents in an attempt to create for a suitable weapon."The article goes on to say as to identify Farley's chemical as tetrachlorethane, a chemical with all the properties to induce the symptoms reported in the gassings. He seemed a compelling suspect because he had the means and the motive, and most of the alleged attacks occurred near his home. But even after he was placed under constant surveillance, the reports of the attacks had continued.
The entire story is here : http://www.prairieghosts.com/gasser.html
A description:
Here is the house when I went by that Sunday. There was no table in chairs in the yard. Doug(the owner) was kind enough to give me a table that was still in the house. If I get pictures of the house before-I will post them later!

And here it is-the legs on one side are shorter so we'll have to fix that and I still need to take off the cardboard on the side, but it was free! I love the green legs and it's a great length. I'm very lucky to have the table and a piece of Mattoon history!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old Windows

Here's what I bought off Diane-these two great windows and three ornate door knobs! I just love the unique panes in these-I don't think I have any like these yet.........

I thought this one would be great hanging on a wall with pictures in it!

So many different styles of old windows!

I've got two of these.

I bought these three old church windows at the antique mall where my best friend Tete used to work about 7 years ago-still sitting in the barn-I love the shape!

And More.........................

And More...........................................

The scary thing is I have more stashed away that I didn't show you!

My Best Friend's Birthday

Stop by and wish my best friend, Tete at http://tete-beyondthegardengate.blogspot.com/
a Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Awards -Inspired by you and Versatile Award

Yesterday I was surprised to get featured on Kathy's blog at http://blissfulrhythm.blogspot.com/. Thank you so much!!!!!

And last Thursday I received an award from Kate at Southern-Belle-Simple -http://www.southernbellesimple.com/ The Versatile Award -what a great surprise and honor. Thank you so much Kate!!!

I am just now finding the time to get to the seven questions that need to be answered. I hope I won't offend anyone, just some things that are important to me!

1) I'm a Christian-raised in a Christian household and not for one minute have I ever believe that we don't have a higher power-just look around you-how could we not!!!! If you don't have Christ in your life, you're missing something!
2) I'm an animal lover of all kinds. My passion is rescue animals and feel if people would just get their animals spay and neutered we wouldn't have such an over-population of animals. I will never buy a pet-there are so many out there needing homes and people just continue to throw them away because they don't look right or don't act like they think they should act. Would they do that to their own children? I sometimes just don't understand people. How can you do that to an innocent animal?

3) I'm a lover of trees. I hate that farmers(yes, I'm married to one) think they have to continue to cut down trees to farm. It's greed. My husband has it too. Our biggest fights are over trees. He's going to be cutting some down soon and I'll never forgive him for it. Yes, I know I'm a Christian, but the wind blocks and habitat are suffering because of it.

4) I'm an old house lover. I can't stand that people(again, mostly farmers) want to continue to tear down wonderful old homes because it's easier and they don't want to give up the land to let someone else fix a place up. My husband's torn down two since we've been married and I still can't get thru to him either. What can I do. I want to cry when we drive past a place where an old house used to be-and he still drives that way!

5)I'm a homebody. I prefer to stay home rather than take a vacation(unless it's camping). I just love where we live. It's peaceful and I love all that needs to be done around our home(most of the time!). I would rather experience a trip thru your blogs or on TV. Don't get me wrong- I have done some traveling, I just don't like to.

6) I don't have any children. I've never wanted any. I think they're great. I adore my sister's three children and love being an aunt, but I think raising children is so important, it needs to be the single most important thing in a person's life.
7) I have a marketing degree, but work as a Human Resource Manager at a retail store and love/hate it, but mostly love it. I get to work with the associates and the customers. It's very stressful, but rewarding. I haven't missed one day of work in the 14 years I've been there.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Flying Cupcake Bakery-Part II of our Trip

The other place I wanted to visit on our trip is the Flying Cupcake Bakery. It's owned by the same person who has the Girly Chic Boutique. She has the most fun style !!! Hope you enjoy seeing all the unique decorating items! The outside is so inviting-wish you could see the window display better!
This was on the left-I really wanted a Let them eat cake Flying Cupcake tshirt in pink, but they didn't have one!

This is to the right when you walk in-the vintage booth and all the cute little cabinets-it's a lot to take in!
The table and chairs are just too cute and the tables are covered with vintage looking vinyl!

She used to have these different wallpapers in her Girly Chic Boutique until she moved her location. I just love the idea-you don't have to decide -you can put them all up!

This candy striped counter is to die for and the large green scale-oh my!

I think I'll take this one-isn't it just too cute-wait-I don't think you can eat it.

Cute pink chalkboard sign!

So many to choose from!
I really like the pink ones with the roses or the other pink ones? Which one?

We were too full from Mexican so took them with us in this cute pink box.

My husband choose this pumkin cupcake and I choose this lemon strussel (it was twice as big-but we ate half on the way home!) Very Yummy!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

An Anniversary Trip

My husband and I met 17 years ago today-Friday, August the 13th. It should have been an omen. I know, I must have been only 12 because how can I be still 29? Anyway, we really don't get to do much traveling because we don't want to kennel our 3 dog and 3 cats(they're all rescues and I don't want them to feel abandoned again), so we went on a day trip to Indianapolis. I've been wanting to go to this cute little shop I saw on Flickr for over a year called The Girly Chic Boutique. It was worth the trip. Broad Ripple has so many cute shops and places to eat! By far though, this shop was the top of my list! You'll see why when you see the pics. This is Annie. I had to call her 3 times before we got there because we kept getting turned around with all the one way streets. She was so helpful and kind(hope the owner see's this!). When we did arrive-she was even more kind. She showed me around and then just let me browse and take pictures and oh and ah about everything. Thanks Annie! If you're in the area-definetely stop by-my husband bought me the cutest ruffly dress with roses on it-can't wait to wear it!
Love the little doll legs in the case -so many interesting display pieces!

I just love what these antlers said in the fitting room-Please do not hang things on my antlers because it gives me a headache, thanks the deer-things like that make it fun!

Inside the fitting rooms were so cool too-and Annie let me peek into the back-she was such a sweetie!

I love this little houses-I began collecting them about a year ago when I found out about this shop-just too cute not too!

There were so many great chandeliers and even one that is shaped like a ship(wish I gotten a pic of that)!

Display goodies from "Goldbug Studios".

Display of goodies from "Theatre of Dreams" and other fun stuff!

I wanted to get my picture taken-but where-everyplace was so cute-so I decided next to this rather tall mirror and huge birdcage with what else in it? crinolines!

The shop entrance sign was right when you walk in. Love the mirrors hung with pretty ribbon. I do that in my bathroom!

The sign "Rooms with Private BAth" -how fun is that!

This WISH banner is so fun and I love the green flaky tin as a border. The owner uses all different kinds of architectural details around the store.

Here we are eating our lunch at a mexican restaurant in Broad Ripple. Come back tomorrow and I'll show you the other place we stopped!
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