Monday, October 12, 2009

A horse for the Hearse

When I started thinking about needing a horse made- the first and only people that came to mind were my old neighbors-Charlie and Terri Plummer. The had horses at their old farm and are both extremely talented!!! Charlie makes little figurines out of nails, wood, metal-so detailed that they even move and he even showed me some deer antler knives he's made. His talent has no bounds. Then there's his wife, Terri- she is a wonderful seemstress-not to mention cook and I'm sure she could do anything she puts her mind to. She has done several projects for me in the past- a tent awning for my camper and cushions to fit my antique wicker-both without patterns. I knew this couple were the ones to ask. You couldn't find more talented or nice people-I wish they still lived down the road!!! Here is some pictures they took of the project. I thought when I stopped by last nite they had only gotten started. Did I mention they are quick too!

So here's Blackie-as Terri calls him. All lifesize just like I wanted him. Now I just need to get him home- can I ride him?

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  1. Another Woah! What a beautiful job they did on this horse. Talented people.


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