Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of my finds from my last antiquing trip!
I simply adore this little doll(carnival?). She was in the bottom of a cabinet with glass doors and piles of stuff in front- but somehow her little face just spoke to me.

This is a wonderful table ( I left the enamelware top at the mall and have to go back and pick it up) with fun green paint- great for a potting table or a kitchen island. I was going to save it for my opening sale this year if I can part with it - but if I do - I already have an anxious buyer who wants it- guess who? tete
I was so excited to find this pair of antique stocking for my collection. I love the initials and all the extra detail and they were a steal!

Well, when I got my wagon bottom, I had no buggy seat and I found one on this trip- not to mention it was only $42.50. I've never seen them for less than $ 150. It really completes the look.
I can't tell you how good it feels just to be sitting in front of the computer. I think I missed it more than I would have missed the TV. For over 2 weeks- no computer! I really want to thank my best friend, Teresa(tete) for getting into my site and updating everyone and I think it was fun she shared some of her wonderful pictures. She truly is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. She always there for me and is so helpful and understanding and fun to talk with! So many things I want to post but she told you I went on an antiquing trip with a fellow antique dealer, Linda Byrd, from Four Sisters in West Terre Haute, IN. We always have a great time visiting and looking for new places to explore for treasures. She always takes me to mall that I wouldn't know about - so I get to see things/ideas I never get to see.

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