Monday, February 22, 2010

The story of our Outhouse

When I first started this blog I mentioned that I would tell the story about our outhouse. To begin with, my husband and I don't ever really buy gifts for each other-birthday, Christmas, etc. I guess because we just buy what we want for ourselves (within reason) and I hate surprises, and he doesn't pick up on hints or even straight out telling him( I told him I wanted something once for Christmas and he didn't go get it(an antique picture) and I was so disappointed on Christmas day), so one Christmas he kept asking what I wanted. I think he wanted to be able to tell people what he had bought me when they asked so he wouldn't feel like he wasn't in the Christmas spirit. I had long ago decided that a gift for me would have to be something I wouldn't or couldn't buy for myself- so I told him an outhouse.
Where do you get an outhouse? And I didn't want a reproduction on- I wanted the real deal! I start looking around every where I went to spot one and then I guess approach the owners if I could buy it. I found there were a few in the little town next to where we live, but they were all pretty plain. But then one day I spotted one that looked pretty run down- in fact the roof was caving in and most of the paint was going. But it had this great gingerbread trim on both sides- it would go great with the house. So I told my husband- I want that one. Needless to say- he wouldn't go ask- so I didn't get it for Christmas, not Valentines Day, not our anniversary. I had to take matters into my own hands. I saw the man who owned it out mowing his lawn one day and I stopped to inquire. Would he think this was strange? He actually told me that someone else had inquired before and we went to look at it- a 3 holer- one child's hole in the middle! How unique! How much would you take? $600 That's a little high for something's that's falling down. We talked, he came down to $300. So I went and talked with my husband. As you know from previous posts- I get some crazy ideas, but we went to look at it. $ 200 later - we brought it home on a fork lift. It was so sad looking. I placed it where I thought it would have been according to some stepping stones out back and info I had gained from a family member. After talking with my mother-in-law about it - she told me that man that built our house- moved into a house in Ashmore when his son moved in here. Guess what-he moved into that house where our outhouse came from. It was meant to be! That's why it looks so good at our home. She found me a picture of James Zimmerman(man who built our house) and his wife on the front porch of that house-pretty cool, huh!
This is after Eric put on a new roof and power-washed it!
Here it is - we are going to do some more work to it this summer! I planted old-fashioned wonderful smelling roses next to it!

The side view with the gingerbread or ventilation system!


  1. well, now I've heard everything. I admire a woman that knows what she wants and I think you are lucky to have just the perfect man for you! I guess I will have to come back and check on you, since you sure got my attention. By the way, LOVE your metal chairs. I have never seen so many different kinds.
    goodnight from Maine,

  2. You are a girl after my own heart. Would you believe I am on the hunt for an outhouse myself? How fun is this! It is too cute and the old timey rose next to it is perfect :)


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