Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old Chevy

Driving to lunch today I saw this neat old chevy. I didn't have time to get out(or want to with these temperatures!), so I took a couple of pics from inside my car. I told someone at work that I've been looking for a new vehicle for several years, but can't find anything that I like. She said "It's because you want something old". She's right. I just want something fun like this!

Is that too much to ask for-a beat up, junky ole truck?


  1. My husband would love that truck! You have great taste:)

  2. Be patient, and keep an eye out for what you want on Craig's List. That's how I found my truck. My husband has a nice, newish Ford truck, and it's too big and doesn't haul enough for me. With his blessing, I hunted for a while and I found a treasure ... a 1984 Ford, burgundy and white, 2 owners, with 81,000 miles on it. It needed carburetor work (I have a great mechanic) and new brakes, but for less than $3K, I have a truck with character that's all mine. You can do this, too.


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