Friday, August 19, 2011

Gettin Ready for the Weekend!

I'm so glad to be done with this (Barn Sale I mean). It's been a long, tiring 3 days. I mostly set up and tear down every day by myself (with a little help from my husband) and I'm really tired and sore. I'm not sure if I could do another three days in a row again. Most of my vacation's been getting ready and doing this and I'm ready for the weekend-to go camping!!!! Cause I wanna be with ...... This This and this!

What's really important!!!! They grow up too fast and I rarely get to spend any quality time with them- and camping is the best form of quality time-no TV or outside interruptions-just FUN time! (And of course-Good eating!)

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful time. Too bad you have to haul the stuff outside, glad Eric helps!

  2. OMGosh! This is the best setup you have ever done! It looks so good! Post this photo often- anytime you advertise to be open on the you are getting pretty darn good at this.
    Love the swing frame- would you want to trade?

  3. Hi Rebecca ~ the Barn Sale looks Fabulous, I wish I lived closer, what work it is & to do it 3 days in a row, Oh My! Have lots of fun camping, relax & recharge....

  4. have a fun time camping, it's a great way to chill out, sounds like you need it!

  5. Wow! Have a great time ahead with them Rebecca. I love this camping set as well as th idea itself superb to give brake to gadgets. Hope u all have fun :)

    Loved the last pic, so cute na.


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