Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Dog Buddy

At the end of the day-it's always good to just take a seat and enjoy the view of God's world. A time when it's not too hot and you can finally take a moment and sigh, and just be. Last nite was one of those times. After letting our three dogs out to run, play and smell, I decided to bring our oldest dog, Buddy back out for some alone time with his daddy. Eric often says he's never seen a dog that craves so much attention. He found his way to our home after being dumped and we think didn't have good parents before, so we try and give him all the love we can. He has cancer and so we're really trying to value everyday with him. Not that you shouldn't anyway, its just that sometimes we get so busy with our lives and when their little wagging tails meet you at the door-you're just so exhausted. Anyway.... I had to take these pictures to capture this beautiful moment.

A moment between two friends...

And what a sweet little face our dear Buddy has.

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  1. I love his face! I have a little one just like him, he is a Rat Terrier. He was a rescue. I am so sorry about Buddy's cancer! I really hope he doesn't have a lot of pain. Good luck.

  2. Oh Buddy! Looks like he is really listening to Eric. The view around your house IS Gods work, it so beautiful. I am sorry to hear about Buddy's health. I know you love him!

  3. Aaaww! Buddy is so sweet, and I can tell just by looking at his cute little face that he is soaking up all of the love and affection! I am so sorry about his cancer. I hope he is doing ok!!


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