Thursday, March 4, 2010

Antiquing Trip Yesterday

Found this at Linda's shop- an old mirror top missing the mirror. I think I will add chalkboard paint and use it for a sign in my shop. I love enamelware-especially the ones with roses- don't see much of it anymore.

Found at Linda's shop- saw this last year and almost bought it. She had added a bathroom to the shop and it was hanging on the wall. I hang these in my bathroom(always a hole in handle). I think it may be alligator? I've seen this old photo tons of times and liked it but someone had marked it down-now it's mine. I might change the frame-it's kinda plain.

Of course I also collect these and the price was right. A saying that I'm learning- Thy will be Done (on earth as it is in heaven)

I found this crazy little stuffed rabbit at the same store as the picture above - it has a goofy face but it is kinda fun and it's pink!

Although I didn't get to go as crazy as last time- I did find some treasures and had another wonderful day spent with Linda. I'm glad we got to go because soon it will be time to stay home and work in the yard and sale barn!

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