Sunday, March 21, 2010

The History of Our Farm and House

This picture shows a fireplace which was later on the outside of the house along with a fence like this one we added around 2001.

I've been wanting to post the history of our farm for some time now. This is one of the earliest pictures of our home. We believe the house was built between 1850-1855. Notice the pet sheep and the porch was smaller. This is the 2nd generation to live in the house. The man in all of the pictures is William Riley Zimmerman. His father, James Zimmerman, built this house and later moved into Ashmore (where the outhouse came from). William's son later lived here (Glenn Zimmerman-I will post those pictures later). I will continue to post pictures that will show the progression of the exterior details. The house still has it's original bat wing gingerbread and the new larger porch was added later. We added the gingerbread to match on the porch to match after studying these pictures with a magnifying glass. We still have two sets of original shutters from the house which are black.


  1. Love it! Oh, I just love old homes; such character. Love your attention to details in matching the original. Would love to tour the inside. Keep those pics coming :). Where are you located? Would love to come to a barn sale if I'm anywhere close. I'm in Washington state.
    ~ Julie

  2. Our farm was built in the mid 1860s. We know the family name was Zilmann. Whenever we get a chance we try to talk to anyone who knew the family and once found someone whose grandfather (then a child)helped build the barn. It was in the original family up to less than 20 years ago. I am hoping we will come up with photographs. This is really interesting.


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