Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Crosses

Two crosses given in friendship.

The metal ring was on a co-worker's hand (Tiffany)and I told her I really liked it and asked if she would pick me one up the next time she was at that store. The next time I saw her -she gave me hers- I will always treasure it because of her friendship and because she gave it so freely(something I have yet to learn!)

The wooden cross was brought home one Sunday by my husband. His minister(we go to different churches) had given them out at church. I really needed the message that came with the cross that day. Bob Thompson has made over 5,000 crosses just like this one and given them out. They were made from old church pews that had been used at an outside church camp and were going to be burned, but he saved and re-purposed them. As he said - how many people sat in those pews and heard the message of God and now they(the crosses) are being used to worship God again!

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