Sunday, April 11, 2010

What I brought Home

I bought the masher and mirror from Jami and grabbed the little blue mittens for children's mitten collection. I love the little pink wheelbarrow- it will go with my planter collection!

My husband asked did I make any money? Yes and No. I reinvested it in some new treasures.
My first purchase was from Jill ( a vendor we met last year at Brocton and love to visit with. She has the most wonderful things. Something for everyone, from primitive to country to shabby chic. I spotted the pink chair and trellis first thing and nabbed them. She has a cute little shop (which I haven't visited yet, but plan to this year) full of goodies- you won't leave empty handed! We were headed back for our second load when a vendor was unloaded the banister and I told her that I would take it with me. I also purchased some tin from them. The little size 2 watering can (I've been looking for one-since I have all the other sizes) and the adorable wheelbarrow came from another vendor. I had purchased the green/blue shutters early on and decided to buy the little cabinet at the very end of the show. The old ladder and stepstool never left my driveway because I bought it out of the back of my friend's van before we left. I got some pretty neat stuff, but I let one get away that I'm losing sleep over- some gingerbread. I'm really beating myself up over that. I didn't need it- but I so wish I had bought it. It was pretty expensive and I just couldn't justify it- but I wish I would have because now I'm just sick about it. They say win some, loose some- I wish I would have won that one!

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