Friday, April 30, 2010

Windy Days

Yesterday was an exhausting day- up at 5:30 to clean the house for 2 hours then over to the barn to clean until 1:00. I've got some great parents- they came to help. We each took a section and it was hard, dirty work. It was so windy we couldn't open the doors and there wasn't much room to re-arrange everything like I had hoped. We made a huge difference and although there is still work to be done- it's a lot more presentable. I had planned to work over there this afternoon- but the wind is just too much again. I'm hoping for some time tomorrow to really dig in and get things finalized and priced. If you get a chance to stop by- remember it's a barn! Here's my cash wrap area and my sign with a huge spider that I haven't taken down since halloween. The signs made from an old victorian fainting couch. I'm hoping to fill all the bottles on the shelves with fun stuff- and if it's pink- all the better!

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