Friday, May 14, 2010

A Camping I will Go!

Have I ever mentioned how obsessive I am (thank's for putting up with me, Teresa) about pink food-yes, pink food, but only when I'm camping. I have to exhaust all ideas about finding pink food. I literally go everywhere looking for it. You'll find out Sunday why-hint, I own a pink camper- and everything in it's pink-yes- I mean everything and no, my husband doesn't go- he visits. I go with my parents and my sister's family. This weekend should be fun because there will be people from their church camping also and on Sunday there is a fun event planned! Other than a few last minute items to pack-I'm ready to go. I will have Teresa withdraws-not good cellular service at the park. See you on Sunday!
Here it all is-or most of it.
In candy jar- pink taffy, stawberry cremes, pink hersey kisses, King Leo mints, pink mentos, cherry flavored tootsies, Good and Fruity, 4 flavors of stick candy (cinnamin-red/pink)(Blackberry-pink/black)(Clove-light pink, dark pink)(Cotton Candy-pink/blue)
In Cake Jar- Nilla Cakesters-pink icing, Little Debbie Petites Strawberry cake, Little Debbie Zebra cakes with pink frosting

Pink iced aninal crackers, pink jello, strawbery cremes, strawberry covered raisens, strawberry wafers, strawberry oreos, pink m'm's, strawberry marshmellows, pink lemonade mix,

Something new this year- cake ball- it was kinda messy- made with strawberry cake mix and melted white chocolate chips and creme cheese icing

pink icing in gram crackers-my mom likes these

Pink cake cookies-made with strawberry cake mix- their yummy

Pink frosted donuts-picked up at Wal-mart yesterday evening

pink rice-krispies- made with pink marshmellows
strawberry cupcakes with pink whipped icing

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