Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday's Finds

Stopped at the local thrift store at lunch and found these little pink salt/pepper shakers and this pretty rose bowl(I need to go thru and purge all some of my dishes) and this silver tray and the little ceramic wheelbarrow-it's a cigarette holder-no I don't smoke- but they say cigarette holders will someday become more collectible as less people smoke-and you guessed it I collect little wheelbarrows. As luck would have it-I work at a mall and across the center aisle is an empty store where there has been 3 garage sales this year. This is my pickins from it. A lot of it made me feel like fall-the quilt, the pumkin head, the orange paint and apples(hopefully the racoons won't try and eat these in the barn). If you blow the picture up at the front is two little eggs on wheels- I love these. I also picked some items up for the kids to play with camping- the pink boa and beads. I just love garage sales!

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