Saturday, April 2, 2011

2nd Day at Brocton

Tete gave me some suggestions-put the rabbit in the birdcage and move the tray down to the table.
Another suggestion from Tete was to put one chair on top of the table and to move the Easter grass further down into the glasses! We moved Jami's round table outside to see if we could sell it with a fellow vender(no luck)

Tete suggested we move the bigger things to the back so we switched the table and the ironing board! She also said-put that basket up on top!

Over-all sales were o.k. Jami did good on her primitive items-I didn't have as much luck. My friend Tete even had some sales(YEAH). I did learn some valuable lessons though. After having a stomach ache all day(and only porta potties to use), I went out to get a chair I had purchased from another dealer out of her van and the wind caught the door and hit a utility pole and shattered the back glass out of the window-Lesson #1-let them bring the merchandise to you! It was almost the end of the day and after slow sales-I was so upset. Then on the way home my friend Jami lost the swing(I should have sold) off the flatbed and lost a piece of it-Lesson#2-tie things down better.

All in All-I had a wonderful time with my friend Jami. We got to spend an evening doing girly things(she brought pedicure and manicure sets and chips and dip!) and grew closer in our friendship. She is an amazing lady who is so helpful and kind-so the show was not an entire loss because the relationships we make are the biggest reward!

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  1. I am glad the day was not a total disaster! Hope the things you did not sell will be at the barn??


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