Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Easter Outfit

Here's my Easter outfit. I'm huge on everything matching! My hat has a yellow rose to match my dress and my purse is white with black polka dots and I added a yellow rose to tie it together. I'll post pics of my shoes tomorrow!

My mother says that this is the way the news said you're supposed to wear your hat-down low-not high back on your head. I've always worn my hats this way(people can't see your eyes(and what you're looking at!). I got several comments at church about the way people used to wear hats all the time and the nursing home ladies and gentlemen loved it! I love to see their smiling faces! Hope you have a Happy Easter-Remember the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ!


  1. Happy Easter to you & your look lovely!


  2. Love your dress! Very cute :) Happy Easter!

  3. I love your Easter outfit !When I was younger, we wore dress, hat , gloves,etc. I miss seeing people dress up like that.

  4. Love your outfit! I love hats myself and I wear them often. Enjoy your weekend.



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