Friday, October 28, 2011

Antique Bathroom Inspiration

We are finally going to get our bathroom redone!!!!!!!! Our one and only bathroom I have hated for the past 18 years. So in trying to keep with the rest of the house(built in 1850-I know-there was no indoor plumbing!), I've been collecting some ideas for the past few years. Do you know of any good websites out there? Love this shower! Wish I could find one like it!

I'm definetely going to do this one-I just need to decide on what dresser/washstand to use!

Very unusual toilet-but I like it!

My husband would like this one-all enclosed in wood!

This is the perfect solution for a shower/tub combo. We have to have both-I'm a tub girl and of course-he likes showers.

I'll be back with more tomorrow!


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