Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some of the Costumes

Here's my finished look-see the heart checks, heart lips and even my beauty mark is a heart-So I'm the Queen of Hearts

Here we are in the Alice in Wonderland photo opp -Me, Rachel and my friend Amanda My sister's Family-Can you guess what her husband's costume is? He has sewn(yes, he did it and the idea was his) dolls all over his shirt!

She's a housewife and my nephew wouldn't let me take a picture of him early in the evening(too shy!)

A chick Magnet-isn't that clever-I've posted before"Real Men Play with Dolls!"

Rachel and her Mom, Ruth as a hippie

Some ladies who dressed in the theme-teapot, Alice, Queen of Heart, Mad Hattress

Krispie Creme Donut Man

Derby girl and referee The Joker

Flintstones Family(the won a prize) My friend Amanda(the Mad Hat tress) and my nephew(ghost zombie-he won a prize!) My mom(A Flapper) and Rachel(Alice in Wonderland-Halloween)


  1. I love all the costumes. Great background too. I am hosting our annual Halloween Costume party Halloween weekend and we always have so much fun. I am still working on getting all the decorations out.

  2. That was a cool party! Happy birthday to Rachel !
    You look fab in your costume ! ;)


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