Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Antique Rose Pitcher Find!

At the mall where I work several times a year they have a flea market inside. I have a favorite vendor that I always go to first. He's an older gentleman(75) named Kenny that has a variety of items, but mostly items for men(tools and such). A few years ago when I met him I said-why don't you have more items for us women? We stuck up a rep or and he has since brought more girly items. He especially looks for pink enamelware(I have a large collection and it's difficult to find) for me and he gives me great prices. I didn't get a lot this time, but I'll be posting the items in the next couple of days. When I snatched up this rose pitcher he commented on the chips on the top(doesn't he know that gives it character?). Anyway, I picked some of my favorite bouncing bet(soap wart)(it smells so-o-o good) to put inside. Another day of happy hunting!

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