Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time for Rest and Redirection

With another barn sale over it's time for a little rest and then on to planning for the next. We had to close early due to all the storms around us, but luckily I had several friends on hand that pitched in to help tear everything down(it sure comes down a lot quicker than it went up). I'm sorry if I missed anyone who stopped by after we closed-I really hated to close! I have a few days of vacation this week and plan to dig into the garage and barn to find more things to add to the next barn sale on Sunday, July 11th. I plan to try and do some re-arranging inside the barn this time(with the help of my parents) and change a few areas around. Come back next time and bring a friend to visit!


  1. hope the weather is better for the next one...

  2. Your sales look like the perfect spot to find that treasure!!!


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