Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Awards -Inspired by you and Versatile Award

Yesterday I was surprised to get featured on Kathy's blog at Thank you so much!!!!!

And last Thursday I received an award from Kate at Southern-Belle-Simple - The Versatile Award -what a great surprise and honor. Thank you so much Kate!!!

I am just now finding the time to get to the seven questions that need to be answered. I hope I won't offend anyone, just some things that are important to me!

1) I'm a Christian-raised in a Christian household and not for one minute have I ever believe that we don't have a higher power-just look around you-how could we not!!!! If you don't have Christ in your life, you're missing something!
2) I'm an animal lover of all kinds. My passion is rescue animals and feel if people would just get their animals spay and neutered we wouldn't have such an over-population of animals. I will never buy a pet-there are so many out there needing homes and people just continue to throw them away because they don't look right or don't act like they think they should act. Would they do that to their own children? I sometimes just don't understand people. How can you do that to an innocent animal?

3) I'm a lover of trees. I hate that farmers(yes, I'm married to one) think they have to continue to cut down trees to farm. It's greed. My husband has it too. Our biggest fights are over trees. He's going to be cutting some down soon and I'll never forgive him for it. Yes, I know I'm a Christian, but the wind blocks and habitat are suffering because of it.

4) I'm an old house lover. I can't stand that people(again, mostly farmers) want to continue to tear down wonderful old homes because it's easier and they don't want to give up the land to let someone else fix a place up. My husband's torn down two since we've been married and I still can't get thru to him either. What can I do. I want to cry when we drive past a place where an old house used to be-and he still drives that way!

5)I'm a homebody. I prefer to stay home rather than take a vacation(unless it's camping). I just love where we live. It's peaceful and I love all that needs to be done around our home(most of the time!). I would rather experience a trip thru your blogs or on TV. Don't get me wrong- I have done some traveling, I just don't like to.

6) I don't have any children. I've never wanted any. I think they're great. I adore my sister's three children and love being an aunt, but I think raising children is so important, it needs to be the single most important thing in a person's life.
7) I have a marketing degree, but work as a Human Resource Manager at a retail store and love/hate it, but mostly love it. I get to work with the associates and the customers. It's very stressful, but rewarding. I haven't missed one day of work in the 14 years I've been there.

I'm passing the versatile award along to six others:


  1. Having children, I always appreciate the people that honestly say why they don't want kids, so thank you. My friend is constantly harassed over her decision and it isn't fair to her or others like yourselves. It is wonderful that you rescue dogs(I miss Bob Barker don't you?-Even though wasn't a Price is Right fan after 6 grade!)

  2. I appreciate your honesty and respect your opinions, but being married to a farmer from Wisconsin, I feel that you attacked without fully knowing and that isn't fair! Sorry, but I don't happen to agree with some of your comments! BUT--I do like your blog anyway! Smiles, Julie


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