Thursday, August 12, 2010

An Evening at a Friend's House

I work with a lady named Diane who lives in this beautiful victorian house. When I met her I knew instantly that we'd hit it off-she loves old things. Her main thing she's interested in is old dolls, but she has the most wonderful taste in home furnishings also. She is trying to sell her house and downsize so she invited me over to see some things that she has for sale. I'm so glad I went. I got to see inside this beautiful home, bought some great things, and had the most wonderful visit with her. I thought her front door was so pretty. I love how the details are all in gold! Diane told me that she has several chandeliers for sale(except we have to figure out how to get them down!). This one is in her dining room-it's one of the prettiest that I have seen. She had them in every room and I can buy as many as I want!

This one is in her upstairs hallway.
I think this one is in the kitchen. This one is in her entry way. Diane has two of these doubles and one single that I am interested in buying in the bedrooms. Diane let me look everywhere in her house, including the attic(where I found some goodies) and the basement(she didn't want to join me down there). I took of picture of the writing on the wall in the basement. I don't know what it meant, but I thought it was interesting. This is Diane Roche(217-766-4155) at her lovely home. She goes to doll shows at least once a month and always is acquiring new stock. She had a variety of dolls and doll clothes. It was really fun to visit with her and learn about them. If you are interested in anything, you could give here a call. The little nun dolls in the back cupboard are from her personal collection. Here are a few of the dolls that she has for sale. The one on the right is another tin head doll with glass eyes. The body and clothing is all original. I may have to get that one! I bought the large doll head on the right. It's a juno tin head which she says is rare especially for the large size. As you can see from the picture-I already have a smaller tin head that isn't in very good shape. I've only seen a few tin doll heads in all the years I've been antiquing. I am excited to get her. One of the larger doll head in the back is a repro(I plan to sell it), but my favorite kind to collect are the blonde haired dolls(I guess because I'm a blonde!) I bought a few other great things from her but you'll have to wait for the next White Wednesday to see them!


  1. Wow, what a house and I love the chandeliers!! The old dolls are beautiful!

  2. Hi. Why is she selling the chandeliers from the house? Such a beautiful old home. The chandeliers are gorgeous!
    ~ Julie


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