Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cardboard Coffin Box

I'm joining Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland at
I get these coffin shaped boxes from work and this is what I did with one of them. I still have a little work to do on this-but I think it would look pretty cool next to the front door this year!First I painted it black-like a coffin!

These are boxes I get from work that suits come shipped in. The receiving associates always ask me if I want them-I've got 5 so far!

Here's the box when it's opened-I haven't decided what to put inside-originally I thought I'd use them for storage-but a paper skeleton would be great!

I guess I'm getting excited about Halloween already!


  1. Hi Rebecca, How great is that!!! I'm still laughing what a great idea for Halloween. You have a great eye and imagination. Love it!!!
    The Swedish Room

  2. Great idea!!! Propped against a tree with a light on it, that's what I'd do!

  3. Oh, my gosh! I love it!
    Thank you for sharing!


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