Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Finds

Not a lot-just some fun stuff-I bought the letters at the Salvation Army today- MLEEVS-any ideas why I can spell with that? Need a O for love, a couple more A's and L for Ella Maes.
I bought the round table for $5.00 and plan to paint it a fun color-yellow maybe?

The other table will be great to sit a pumpkin on-and place it on the porch.
I love the little light with the star-great decoration for the 4th!
I don't see the pink/black/white dishes very often.

The tray will be a fun project for the winter!
And the little owl bell for halloween!

Another fun day tomorrow at the Oakland Town Garage Sales!


  1. Terrific Rebecca! I had a table similar to this one, was going to paint it, couldn't do it, so I gave it away, go figure? You could mix and match your letters with another set you find? Anyhoo, all sounds great!

  2. you find great 'stuff'.

    enjoying my visit here.


    barbara jean


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