Saturday, May 21, 2011

Antique Porch Picture

Another thing I collect is Porch Pictures. Pictures with people posing on their porches or in their yards. I love to study the backgrounds-the landscaping and plants, the architectural details of the house, the furniture they sit on(usually their prized possessions, and of course the hairstyles and clothing. I got this wonderful piece at a garage sale today for only $.50-can you believe that!!!!


  1. me too! I am always looking at everything in the picture. one of the best porch pictures I have is of Eric's gggrandparents! Aunt Maggie's roses are unbelievable!

  2. Very cool picture! I love old pictures too; and exactly for the same reasons you mentioned.

  3. what a great vintage picture, don't you wonder who they are, and what are they thinking at that very moment. this is an old picture, but a great one. enjoy...........rizzi

  4. Margaret Elizabeth Galbreath married William A Snyder, and are the parents of Clarence Snyder who married Clara Zimmerman!
    Margaret is my Great Grandfather James sister, hence Galbreath reunion they are the children of James and Martha Mitchell Galbreath.
    The picture is of Aunt Maggie and Uncle Billy on their front porch in Ashmore, and the entire front entrance is thickly covered in a huge climbing rose. I will get you a copy of the picture!

  5. This is one of the neatest vintage pictures I have ever seen, the frame alone is worth 20.00 +what a find! Love it.

  6. What an interesting photo item to collect! I love studying the house and furniture and people too, but never thought about collecting them. Um... You may have created a new collection for me. Just be glad we don't live in the same area. :-)


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