Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Purple Lilac Bushes

When I met my husband and moved into our home in 1994-there were almost no bushes. I worked with a landscape designer to find old fashioned plants to place around our home. These are three dwarf korean lilacs that we chose. I only wish we wouldn't have planted around the foundation. From pictures-they didn't do that in the old days!

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  1. My 5 lilacs are through blooming so I enjoyed seeing yours. Since my blooms are spent, all that's left to do is feed and prune (just before next year's bud set) and wait for next year.
    Don't you just love the smell?

  2. My Korean Lilac bloomed last month, I really like them.

  3. Beautiful flowers! Love the color! Do they smell good too?...Christine


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