Monday, June 6, 2011

Vintage Water Bottle for Fridge

This is one of the treasures I found Saturday antiquing. I've been looking for one with a pink top, but this aqua blue will work until I find one. I think it will go great in my vintage fridge when it's done! I love the unusual glass. I'm joining Blue Monday at


  1. I think the top is perfect!

    Happy Blue Monday, Rebecca!

  2. At least is was perfect for Blue Monday.

  3. I remember a jug like this at my friend's house when I was a kid. I'm not sure about the color of the cap, but I think it was orange. But then, my memories may be fooled because we drank orange juice from that jug! The patterned glass was great to keep the sweaty glass from slipping out of little hands.

  4. Im lovin the color of that top as well!The pattern in that glass is perfect!


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