Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bathroom Remodel Update

Here's the update on the bathroom project. Subflooring is down(at least we won't fall in the hole in the middle of the night!) and the walls are getting insulated. Fixtures are being put in place and the placement of switches and lights will need to be determined on Monday. The plummer comes Tuesday and we are making a trip to Home Depot to pick out faucets for the vanity and my cast iron sink(I can't wait to take a bath in it!) We had to go with a different pedestal sink that we had previously decided on. The other one was way to big. It's going to be a tight squeeze anyway!

Here's the dresser that my bowl will go on. It's got a beautiful mirror that goes on the top. I like the color and the imperfections.

Here's the bottom of the shower stall-it's got a marble look to it. Our antique washstand that will be in the bathroom has the same look to it.

It's all so exciting-things are beginning to take shape and I can't wait to be able to take a bath at home again!!

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  1. You have to be so excited, so you will have a seperate shower and tub? I know what it is like to have 1 bath. We want a new floor but it is not to feasible when that is the only place to clean up in!


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