Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carr Cares

Here's my 12 year old vehicle-my Toyota 4 runner. We bought it new and for the past 12 years I've hauled so much stuff in it(and it wasn't people either-there was no place for them to sit!). I don't think I've done much to clean it up in the past two years and since we haven't found another vehicle to replace it-it had gotten extremely dirty(I should have shown you the before pics, but I would have been too ashamed!) It took Sam 10 hours-yes 10 hours to clean my vehicle and she looks brand new. I was so excited about how good it looked-I even hugged him. This is Sam Carr-and if you need a car cleaning-waxing, shampooing, vacuuming and want an exception job done-he's the one to take it too! I couldn't be more pleased!!!

The extra details he took with the inside is amazing-he gets in places I couldn't even begin to get into!

She's still got some wear on her-but I could drive her for another couple of years-these 4 Runners are the best vehicles-I haven't had any trouble with her and she's got 161,000 miles on her.

Check out that dash-what a pretty sight to look down at now!!!

Here's his information if you live in the area!

Thanks Sam!


  1. How nice is that??? it looks so clean..I just about live in my auto and it shows..hahaha..will have to clean it as soon as it's warm enough to do so..for will stay messy..He looks like a swell person and I would have hugged him too! LOL!Happy New Year

  2. I need Sam!! Looks fabulous ...

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful weekend~


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