Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lady Print

I bought this several years ago from where I work. They used to use antiques-pictures, trunks, dressers, wardrobes to display with. I loved it! Then they decided to go all modern and simple. They say everything comes in a circle-so I'm waiting for the day when it will come back to fun displays! I don't know much about this print-Named "American Woman" and I've never seen another one-any ideas out there?

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    First of all, thanks so much for leaving comments on my blog. That certainly makes blogging extra special! :)

    I haven't seen the print you shared before, so I can't help you with the origin. In any case, it's a lovely image! :) By the way, do you link up the pink pictures on your other blog with Beverly's Pink Saturday? If not, you should definitely do so. There are lots of pink fans out there! :)

    Are you interested in winning a white cotton T-shirt with a pink heart and the words I ♥ Oktoberfest in size L? Then come over to my blog until Sunday, 22nd January, and leave a comment here .

    What about having a look at my Advent and Christmas and getting an impression of Munich's Christmas market ? Moreover, you can see some frosty weather photos and pictures from a walk around my neighborhood on January 1st. Finally, there are photos of New Year's Eve . Of course, comments are welcome -- it's always great to hear what you think!

    Have a wonderful 2012,
    your blog friend from Munich, Germany,


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