Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Old House

I was driving around a small town in the area on beautiful Wednesday today and came across this wonderful old house. My two loves-animals and old houses. I fell in love with this one and wish I knew the history. The front side view. A window is busted out. So sad. Wonder who owns this property. This is the backside-wish you could see the fun green door. I wish I could see the inside. I'm sure it was grand. This is the kind of home that need TLC and love-hope someone does something before it's too late!


  1. beautiful! is it in Oakland? Phil and Joyce are thinking about selling their house N of Ashmore.

  2. From the right angle, it almost looks like George and Mary Bailey's house in "It's A Wonderful Life".

  3. I'm in love with old homes as well. One of these days... when the military is done with us and all! :-D


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