Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here's our Bathroom

I didn't realize until after I took these pictures-how dark our bathroom is.  My sister in law a few years ago couldn't understand that-but I like the cozy little next feel instead of everything white and sterile feel. 
 The paint and the wallpaper did make it quite a bit darker after looking back at before pictures-but I'm a wallpaper type of girl.  Two walls were painted because one was in the shower.  I am in the process of guilding the paint with gold.  Kind of makes it a tarnished effect and old looking(my husband says it looks dirty!) Anyway, this is his sink right out of his shower.  He got his towel bar installed and I tried to use some manly things to decorate in his area.
 I had wanted to put a huge mirror(I mean huge-it would have taken this whole wall up-and I'm still wanting to use it)-it is beautiful and ornate.  Would give us a little more light and reflection though.
 I have a collection of old nightgowns that I hang on the back of the bathroom door.  We also haven't moved in our old washstand that can be seen from previous posts.
 Here is my sink in the old dresser.  I still am needing to get globes for my sconces.

 I absolutely LOVE my tub.  I just can't wait to take a bath every nite!
 Here's the shower-blue marble-the closest to old fashioned we could get!
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  1. Turned out great! 1515 had a tub like that, hate that they took it out!
    Love the wallpaper, it looks wonderful.

  2. I like warm abd cozy too. Looks comfy and inviting!..Christine

  3. Oh, I just love that sink and dresser! It all looks amazing. Thanks so much for linking to the party, we love having you.


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