Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's coming Together!

Yes-we used the same wallpaper-even though I probably have 25 different designs of wallpaper in my garage.  This one just seemed to fit(and the other one my husband didn't like-too gaudy-huge peacock feathers in bold colors!). We have still to get the molding up(if I can get my husband to do it) and to figure out what technique I'm going to do on the bathroom's painted walls.  It's a shade off in color so I think I might try a little gold to see what happens!  Anyway, got my mirrors hung and added some of my collection of bottles and tins.  There's more of those it seems cause we gained two more areas to put this stuff-but it's all filled up. I hope to be back next week to show you the final product-I HOPE!!!
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  1. Great wall paper! That room is looking pretty good already.

  2. Looks like you are going in the right direction with your remodeling.

  3. Hi Rebecca....can't wait to see finished product. I love vintage wallpaper.

  4. Very old fashion looking Rebecca! Great job!!!!


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