Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some garden items I'm selling!

A rusty old metal chair-I love the patina and unusual style!

 Watering Cans of course-my favorite-the smaller ones-harder to find-great for displaying with children's items!
 More metal chairs-and a kid's picnic table-would look great in a yard-even with out kids-how fun to display with!
 My BF Tete thought this chair would look great with the bottom taken out and an enamelware bowl in it for a plant or a birdbath!
 Another stand for a birdbath or plant! Love the aqua color!
 Not sure what a person could do with these?  I'd hang them on the wall inside to put other things clipped on them!
 More metal chairs
 The cute little table-I just sold the windmill this week!
 A nice table-those metal chairs would look great around!
And last, but not least-a scrolly swingset-My Dad has two-so one is getting sold-I can think of many uses for this-Can you?

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  1. does this mean the barn will be open soon? Be home the weekend of the 23rd on F S S Mon


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