Thursday, July 1, 2010

4th of July Shoes?

Anyone who knows me -even a little-knows I love shoes. Not just any shoes. Fun shoes-to the tune of a few hundred pairs. So when I saw these shoes last year on clearance-I had to have them. My mother(she doesn't understand my obsession with shoes(and a lot more)) tried to talk me out of buying them. Then the salesclerk mentioned how great they'd be with a 4th of July outfit-SOLD!!!!! I love to dress for the seasons and the holiday. I rarely wear anything twice in a year. I work at a retail store(where I get a good discount) and I shop garage sales and thrift stores. I love to mix and match things -some from a few years ago with newer items. It's a challenge I create for myself. Life is too short-be daring-wear that outfit or piece that makes YOU happy. I've told customers that the item that you finally talk yourself into wearing is the one thing you'll get the most compliments from.

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