Saturday, July 10, 2010


Tomorrow another sale day and it's going to be a hot one. I start early(between 6:30 and 7:00) bringing items out and setting up the tents to try and be ready by 1:00. It's exhausting. Most of it is done by myself. My husband does help with the tents and then he's off to church(where I should be!). I decided last year to try and have the barn open once a month on a Sunday. I get more Sunday's off from work and there's not as much competition with things for people to do(yard work, ball games, grocery shopping, etc). I wanted to be some place a person could go for a Sunday drive. Little did I know how much more work it is to put up 2-3 tents(which are needed with the hot sun and no shade) and all the extra stuff that has filled this barn in the last year. I'm always working on a plan, thinkin what could be done better. My best friend, Teresa(Tete-beyond the Garden Gate) is a big help with that. She's full of ideas and suggestions. She's a great sounding board and wonderful support. Thanks Teresa. Well, on to my real job for the day and then it's time to do the pre-planning(it's almost like a party!) Hope to see you all there-I love meeting new friends, and of course-seeing the old ones!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a pink fanatic too. Right now I'm redoing my bedroom. It's always had some pink (ok more than some) in it but now the walls are a soft pink.

    I have an idea for your tent sales. How about creating several pergolas and having retractable awnings on them. You could start with one and then maybe more. That way it would take less time to build the tents on your barn sale days. Do you use easy up tents or what? Everything you sell is great but I'm too far away.

    Good luck!


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