Monday, July 12, 2010

Barn Tour Sale Day

Making a sale-it was fun to visit with everyone. The lady checking out was in charge of getting the Jeep club to go on the barn tour. We had a lot of Jeeps on the lot that day-what a fun ride!
I put out a table and chairs for people to sit and visit. Rachel invited her friends and family to come out and visit her here because she knew she wouldn't get a chance to see them all. They brought sandwiches and food to share! My pink and white striped umbrella didn't come in because it was back-ordered(from every company I called) so I used my fun circus style umbrella. Still waiting for the pink and white umbrella.

There was chance of rain that day-but luckily it stayed away until the evening.

My friend Rachel just sent me the pictures she took last month from the barn tour. She doesn't have a computer so she couldn't email them to me(she prefers to have them developed and send them thru the mail). She likes to do things the old fashioned way such as handwriting letters. I have to say she's better at it than me. She says that in a few years we won't have any hand written documentation of our feelings and thoughts. She's right-I keep all her letters together in a little box. She always uses the most fun papers to write on. Sometimes she includes ideas she's seen on selling items or like today she sent some information on renting items for parties. I've thought about that before but I was always afraid the items would come back damaged or broken or worse yet -stolen! I have enough stuff to start that business right now though -barn's full.

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