Sunday, July 4, 2010

Friday and Saturday's Finds

Old Speaker book-I like having these old books around-it's fun to read and look at them with the oil lamps when the electricity goes out-which seems to happen around here in the winter alot. For a short time it lets you feel like you're living back in the old days.
Really long tray-It will be going to the antique store ($22) if my friend Teresa isn't interested in it. I had seen this picture a few years ago with several of these hanging on the wall- and she had a similiar idea. Great message board with magnets.
Enamelware tops(great for the barn sale-they look neat on a wall for dish towels), small santa cup, vintage valentine planter, and swan planter along with some dishes
Light up owl, glass owl bank, and skull-fun Halloween stuff
Not a lot of sales this weekend with all the festivities. I sometimes like it that way. There are quite a few antique dealers in our area and I live about 1/2 hour from where I go. I always seem to be there just a step behind them. I still seem to find a few little items and that makes it worth going. I've been trying to think about all the holidays/seasons so I can be ready and supplied when they come. Of course-I'm always looking for Halloween. My friend Teresa says that we need to put Halloween in the booth at the end of July, first of August. I know that sounds early, but the dealers will be buying for their booths. I'm always ready to get rid of the extra Christmas decorations since I work retail and don't have the energy or time to decorate or enjoy them.

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