Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blue Tiles and a Yellow Vase

I bought these tiles a couple of weeks ago at an antique store for only$10 for eight. I looked a couple of years ago for tiles for our fireplace and could only find a couple and they were over $40 each. I'm not sure where these will go, but I love the detail. I picked up this bubbly yellow vase at a garage sale for $.50.


  1. I love the vase, and the tiles have endless the color.
    Happy Labor Day,

  2. it looks nice, its very rare to see it at this time.

  3. I can easily see how those beautiful blue tiles caught your eye.

    Happy Blue Monday,Rebecca! Check out my book giveaway.

    Your link is defective, and as soon as I post this comment, I'll fix it for you.

  4. Whatever you decide to do with the pretty blue tiles, they will look nice. I can see why you liked them.

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    The tiles are great. I hope you find a spot to use them. The vase is fun and what a great price :0)

  6. Those tiles are awesome and what a fantastic deal!

  7. Love these pretty blue tiles, in our area they would probably be about 20.00 each. You got a great deal and I love the yellow vase, it brings back such sweet memories of my Granny's house. She had several like it in blue and milk glass.

  8. Hey Sweetie,,too bad those tiles are costly and hard to find more of..I've seen lots of tile work put up uniquely on the wall behind stoves...Just a thought,,and I so enjoy the notes you leave for me~~~Thanks
    May you enjoy~~~ A Happy Week and May God's blessings be alllllll over you~~~Hugs Dena

  9. Very pretty blue tiles! Perhaps you can combine them with white tiles and make something with them that way?
    The vase is cute!

  10. Hi Rebecca!
    Thanks for stopping by:)
    Pretty finds!
    Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!
    Boy, it just flew by for me~~~
    Back to work tommorow!

    Kay Ellen

  11. Wow, I love the yellow vase and the blue tiles. What a great buy..


    a tag in the middle for you, plus an award on the bottom of the post,
    Happy Tuesday

  13. Even though you are displaying Michigan colors and I am a Buckeye, I will still tell you how much I like your finds! I do!

  14. I wonder if that is vasoline glass?? Beautiful!


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