Saturday, September 11, 2010

Second Hand Collection-First Time

Anyone that knows me knows that I have more collections that anyone-it's probably well over 100. I guess I just like to find and keep fun and weird stuff. I've had these in the shed for several years and just pick them up from time to time. In fact, the day I took the picture I found another one-a blue one. The colors make me think of fall and taking hot soup or drinks out to the farmers. They're also great as centerpieces or vases and they're realitivity cheap to find! For more collections go to


  1. I just saw somewhere where someone was talking about the old thermoses. They are kind of different to collect. Very unique~

  2. I remember these well:) I have always loved the look and associate them with coziness:)

  3. Hey girl- I have already got you on the linky- just wanted to make sure it worked before I went to bed and it did!
    I got your thingy paid for, too.
    Thanks for all the encouragement and support in getting this blog party hopping!
    I'll call you in the morning!

  4. I love those....something I never thought to collect, and they are so colorful. You are right-they are very you just have to find a pink one!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen a collection of thermos bottles before! How cool is this?!
    I like your vignette with the picnic basket.

  6. Hi Ella,
    Found you from Tete's party. Very cool collection, love 'em!



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