Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Surprise Winning Arrived

It's here-my gift from Marydon from Blushing Rose at . I could hardly contain myself to take these pictures-but I wanted you to see the beautiful packaging too (love the pink tissue paper and the wonderful tag) and she included these three little beautiful victorian notecards. How thoughtful you are Marydon! And here they are. They are so unusual as they are more square and the pictures don't give the colors justice. I can't wait to use them-they will go wonderfully on my kitchen table! She also included this little bear that you get wet and put into bags or containers to put back the softness in food items-how cool is that!
Thank you so much Marydon-I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness!


  1. G'morn, Rebecca ~ I am tickled that you are thrilled with your gifts. It was great fun to have a 'surprise giveaway'.

    Have a beautiful day, my friend. TY for your friendship.

    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. What beautiful placemats! Love the colors and prints, and the packing and tags, too! How thoughtful!

  3. Just your color, Rebecca, so perfect for you, adorable! COngrats for winning!...Christine


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