Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Toy Winnebago

Inside I was going to show this last week for white Wednesday until I got the real deal(last week's post of my little winnebago). About a year ago I was at an antique store and a little boy was buying one of these toy winnebagos ( I really don't know what it is with toys lately-I never had any of these as a child-but I love to decorate with them). I wished at the time that I had found it first. His mother was buying it for him and I'm sure it didn't cost more than $10 or $20. So I thought -here's another thing to be on the hunt for. So for the past year I've found a few at between $80 and $120. Well, I don't need it that bad. Then a couple of weeks ago at the antique mall I'm in -a new booth had this one for -guess-$12. Yep-it was mine in a heartbeat. I thought it would look great on a high shelf or in my pink camper. Well, that was until I found my new real winnebago. It will go with me and be something my sister's three kids can play with and if they don't I'll have fun decorating with it.

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Happy White Wednesday!


  1. Too cute!!!!!!!!!! Are you sure you want to share your toys with the other girls??? Good girl!!!!

  2. Seek and ye shall (eventually) find.....

    That is very cute. It will look very cute in the new trailer.


  3. What a cutie :-) Thanks for visiting me. Please have a great week.

  4. Glad your patience was rewarded...it's a cutie!
    (Can't wait to see what you do with your new trailer!)


  5. Very cute. We all must have our toys, right.
    Thanks for stopping by. We have a great teen room giveaway coming up on Friday. Jane F.

  6. Oh this is cute. We rented one like it when I was 14 and went to the World's Fair in Spokane!

  7. That is ssoooo cute!! I'd have a blast playing with it and the *real* thing too!

  8. I love your Winnebago. I have been looking for an old beat up toy truck. They have been too new looking or too high priced. You give me hope to hang in there for a bargain. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Like I always say...when you least expect it you find just what you are looking for!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. That toy RV sure is cute. It reminds me of my malibu Barbie camper that I used to play with (Oh boy I am dating myself). Oh well. Happy WW to you.


  11. Hi Rebecca, Aren't RVs great. I'm having the time of my life. I love the toy Winny, but your real life one is too cute. I hope you enjoy it also. Happy White Wednesday.
    The Swedish Room
    PS Stay tuned for Gracie's reveal, coming soon.

  12. Cute! I had a Barbie motor home when I was little, I think it was pink and orange! Of course it was plastic, but I wish that I had kept it!

  13. How cute! That is pretty darn cool!


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