Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween-Get Your costume On!

Is it animal cruelty to dress up your pets? I think two of my three cats (I would never be able to catch the other one!) think so. My white Kitty wasn't too happy-she really should be dressed in a devil costume or a diva costume at least! She's probably 18 years old and I subjected her to this. She wouldn't sit still long enough for me to fix her wings. Big Timmy (one of my black and white cats) thought he was coming in to get fed and he was holding on for dear life-I did get the clown costume on him-but he didn't know what to think about it! Oh well, I still will have some fun pictures to show of my furry kids. Didn't want the cats to miss out since I posted the dogs in their costumes on The Shabby Pink Blog!


  1. My dog does not even like scarfs! She acts like we have beaten her!

  2. Hi Rebecca, This is so cute. Good for you getting those costumes on. We had a black poodle before Cheri' and I could NEVER get a costume on her. She was almost 16 when she passed away. Oh how we adored her, even with her stubborn ways. She was loved and we miss her. Your cats are darling.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. Ah, the rest of the fam!! Looking darn cute, the dogs seem more accepting? LOL! Love the pics Rebecca!

  4. Oh, Rebecca, they are darling! They really don't look like they loved it, but so cute!


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