Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween on the Prairie

I've wanted an old fashioned hearse for a few years now. With the help of family and friends last year we were able to build a lifesize one and then a neighbor made me this horse out of chicken wire and his wife covered him up(Blackie). If you look inside there is a lady who wants out but the driver with his red lit up eyes keep driving on! There's a man in a coffin up against a tree(just like they used to in the old west). A few tombstones(one is real!) and then there's me-I'm dressed up in my mourning attire. My best friend, Tete added the huge moon(isn't it cool!) because we don't have any moons out this week! This is how I do Halloween in the country-stay tuned for more pictures of the house!
I'm joining the Barn Chicks Party!


  1. Hello Rebecca... what an incredible post! I love your "Halloween on the Prairie" barn gathering... love your "mourning attire"! October is such an enchanting month and your whole blog has got me "Under October's Magical Spell"... love all your sidebar photos too... thanks so much for joining the party!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Looks like you are creative in ALL things you do, including decorating with a hearse!:) Reminds me, my sister once dated a guy whose dad drove a hearse. As her little sister, I was totally freaked out! Now here I am envying your decorations:)

  3. That is beyond AWESOME Rebecca!!! I love it! This should be in a magazine, you really really have great Halloween decorations!

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    WOW this is awesome. You have the perfect Halloween on the prairie. I just love your enchanting and magical blog here. Side bar pics are great too.
    I was also just over at your other blog in pink. Now I am a new follower here. Thanks again for stopping by my party too.
    Have fun and Happy Creating.
    Hugs,Celestina Marie

  5. Rebecca....I love it. So creative and clever. I love how you do Halloween in the country!

  6. Wow! This is really, really cool, Rebecca. Very spooky. So creative of you to be able to create something like this...Christine

  7. what a great scene you created! you are talented, Barn Chick!!

    thanks for joining this party- next month back to my blog!


  8. WOW.....boy do you REALLY LOVE halloween.....Love your blog and the fact that you have your very own hearse is too great!!!! This year I am finally buying my very own witches sweet hubby said "It is about time"!!!! Now what do you think he meant by that???? (O:(O:



  9. When you said old fashioned hearse I was not even thinking THAT old. Your check boxes gave us the choice of "cool" but this is beyond cool. You have some very special friends to help you pull this together. I think you need to buy them a potion in thanks.

  10. Oh- did you know there are organized vintage hearse drivers clubs where I live? So you can be a hearse owning barn chick!

  11. I love how you have your whole blog decorated and changed for Halloween. I am not used to seeing this. Did you really get a hearse? Halloween has always been a favorite & fun time of the year for me. I enjoyed reading your posts. Have a wonderful October! Faythe @GMT

  12. Wow! I've been looking through your blog and I think it's amazing...all that you've come up with for Halloween! I've never really been into Halloween that much but I'm loving this. Think I'm going to have to give Halloween decor a whirl next year! Thx for the inspiration! Regards, Sheilla


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