Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Jewelry

I love looking for halloween jewelry and usually find some cool stuff at the Halloween stores. I've got several spider rings, necklaces, and pins( I love putting these on my back-people get a kick out of that-saying to other people-look-she has a spider on her back!). I've also got a coffin ring(in the middle-top!) that I used to have a little bitty picture of myself that I kept in it-it got lost and I need to make another one!). I did find two eyeball bracelets (to go with my new eyeball ring!) and still need to figure out an outfit to go with those. I love putting together outfits and wear only black, white, orange and red the entire month of October(I know I'm weird-but I do a different theme each month). Monday I looked like a blonde Elvira with my dress and all my spider jewerly!
Omi S from Bender Oaks sent this to me with my evil eyeball ring-I love it -wore it today with all my skull rings and skull knee-socks-the rest was a school girl type outfit-and kinda goth. I love to do the unusual this time of year-not sure what my co-workers think-but I really don't care anyway-we only live once!
What do you do that is different and fun for Halloween?


  1. Looks like you have a lot of fun with Halloween... me, I'm kinda boring I guess haven't really done anything, but I enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing for Halloween! Love the Halloween hair pin, very cute!!! hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. A Spooktacular 20% off fo Halloween here!

  3. Awesome Rebecca, I bet you looked adorably spooky! Take pics next time, or post if you have them. My kids would love to have you as an aunt!


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