Friday, October 29, 2010

Old Scary Doll

I've been looking at this doll at a local antique mall for several months-but I just didn't buy her. Her body is a newer cloth one and her hair looks like an old lady wig, but something kept me looking at her each time I went in there-it was those weird eyes. Then I got a comment from another blogger Kim at Tabby's Place( about how much we were alike and to visit her blog. When I went over-she had the same background and header as me. I used this background last year and fell in love with it and almost wanted to leave it up all year(again-I know I'm crazy!) and couldn't wait to put it up again. When I looked at her post -she had the most wonderful doll(that I would love to buy!) and it was just creepy. Then I remembered this one with the similiar glass eyes. So I went back to Antique Store again to purchase her and she was gone-you all know that feeling. Luckily the dealer was working and I asked her. She was having a big garage sale this weekend and had taken the doll home because her head had fallen off(I wanted her even more then!) So she let me stop by tonite before the sale(I got several other goodies I will post later!) and the doll for half the price she had originally had on her-I got her for $10. She needs a new(old) dress and her arms and head re-attached-but do you think she looks spooky? Thanks Kim for the inspiration-Happy Halloween!


  1. Ok, I think this might be better in the carriage than Angry Alice. Definitely the creepy eyes, but the wig adds to it, good for you!:)

  2. I think she was meant to be with you. Oooh, the eyes are creepy going in two different directions. Happy Halloween;-)

  3. Ewww...she's a creepy one too!! LOL

    So glad you were able to get her..I know that heart dropping feeling all too well. If it calls you buy it!LOL

  4. Love her Rebecca!! So glad she was still waiting for you've inspired me to go doll shopping this weekend. If I find something I'll let you know! xoxo

  5. yes with those big eyes and that slight grin......she is up to something so be careful!!!!

  6. She was meant to be yours, and THAT is the scariest part of it...

    You have a beautiful blog and a wicked scary doll!

  7. I love Kim's doll and now I love yours too! So glad you went back for her.

  8. EEEEuuuuuwwwww! Um, yeah, her eyes ARE pretty creepy. I love dolls, especially vintage ones..but I don't think I would like this one looking at me all the time...she fits in well with your scarey blog..I think she might be related to Chuckie.

  9. What fun! I love your doll collection!


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