Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hand Collection

I think this may be the very first collection I ever started. When I met my husband he had this antique cabinet in the parlor that I claimed right away for displaying them all. The cabinet has doors that need curved glass(maybe someday we'll get that done!). We have it in the dining room now. I think I have close to 100 hands. I haven't bought any for several years-moving on to many new collections.
The big one with the pink base was the first bought at Mrs. Davis's junk shop when I was in gradeschool. I have one shelf for praying hands only.

The lady that owned the shop was a wonderful old lady named Mrs. Davis and I frequented her shop until just a few years ago when she died. She had the kind of shop with just piles and piles and boxes of things waiting to be discovered. She was a very special lady to me because we could visit about so many things. Her prices were wonderful and she kept buying and buying even when she had stuff that would never be discovered. She was very generous to others, but a strong lady in spirit and body. She owned several rental properties and did a lot of the work herself. There isn't many places around like her shop and certainly not many women like her-I still miss her!
I'm linking up to Second Hand Collection at
Stop over to see what everyone else has -or better yet-join in-3 items makes a collection!


  1. I love your collection of hands! I've never seen so many! I think all the white ones are my favorite:)

  2. Waaaaaaaa.... Ive never seen so many hands collection! Your collections always amazed me!

  3. Hi Rebecca ~ What a Beautiful Collection, I don't think I have ever seen this many Hands in one place.... I was just over at Tete's Blog & had to stop by to see your collection, I was so Happy when My Daughter asked me to Bubbie Sit tonight, I jumped at the chance, I knew I could do some cathcing up on the computer... I am really Missing having the internet at home, Hopefully & Prayerfully I will have it back on mid week ~ Have a Wonderful Week

  4. OMG! Now that's a lot of hands!!! Sounds like a fun lady and such nice memories you have!


  5. WOW I did not know there were that many hands out there!! What a great collection.

  6. That is one fabulous collection!!! I have one porcelain hand that I keep on my night table to hold rings and such. It always delights me to find someone collecting something new and different ...loved this post!


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