Sunday, November 14, 2010

Potato Mittens?

I live about 30 minutes from where I work and sometimes I go to my parent's house for lunch or dinner when I'm working. Just last week my mom made chicken and a baked potato-and when she cut it open-she says -that looks like a pair of mittens-do you want me to take a picture? I said sure(knowing my bf-Tete-and other sometimes post food-I usually don't because I eat a lot of peanut butter on toast or cereal-I don't cook at all!). So here's one of those freak things of nature-maybe it means the weather yet to come!!!


  1. That is really cool....and I always love to hear of someone else who does Not cook!!! LOL..It is always a joke about my cooking in our family! Happy Sunday....Cathy aka GGJ

  2. That is neat looking, now if it'd only had a picture of Jesus, you could have sold those mittens!(Remember that grilled cheese?)

  3. hehe, that is SO cute... they do look just like mittens... or even funny little hearts! xoxo

  4. No way... that IS cool!! Hope it means snow!! :) Not a cook here either although I try (occasionally) Made soup today...:)

  5. We'll probably see them on the Weather Channel pretty soon :-)


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